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    About the campaign

    IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards.

    Our ceremony recognises the work of amazing young women engineers. It’s a night of hearing inspirational stories, celebrating their achievements and networking with likeminded engineers and recruiters.

    We host this event every year because, in 2017, women still make up only nine percent of the engineering and technology workforce. We at the IET think that #9PercentIsNotEnough. Nine percent is disproportionately low, especially considering the number of talented female engineering and technology graduates who finish university with excellent grades.

    A big part of our ceremony is to encourage the next generation of young girls into engineering.

    We’re encouraging woman engineers from all fields of engineering to put their hands up and be counted on social media as part of the nine percent. Join us by sharing a picture with 9% on your hand, using the hashtag #9PercentIsNotEnough, so that we help to highlight that engineering is a realistic career aspiration for girls.

    #9PercentIsNotEnough but your posts could really help to inspire more young women into our engineering profession.



    Quotes about the campaign:

    “I often get surprised responses when I tell people I work in engineering, followed by the question, “so you actually enjoy it?”.  I find this interesting, as it shows that people almost expect women not to enjoy engineering! Engineering careers are so varied and versatile, but I believe women are just not aware of the possibilities available. I think this is sadly reflected by the fact that women still make up only 9% of the engineering and technology workforce. This is why I believe the #9PercentIsNotEnough campaign is so important – we need to emphasise and illustrate that engineering is a realistic career aspiration for women all around!”

    - Emma Goulding, past winner of the IET Mary George Prize


    “Engineering is a creative profession which uses ingenuity to solve the world’s biggest problems. We need talented creative thinkers and problem solvers, no matter who they are, to help us solve the challenges of tomorrow. If women make up 50% of the population, they can also supply 50% of our workforce.”

    - Abigail Hutty, past IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year


    "It is a shame to think that women are missing out on exciting, challenging and well paid careers in engineering. It is all of our responsibilities to provide wide and unbiased information onto students to enable them to make the right decisions for their futures. This campaign will highlight that there is still a huge shortage of female engineers and more needs to be done to increase this number."

    - Lucy Ackland, past Women’s Engineering Society (WES) prize winner


    "I am really excited about the IET's #9PercentIsNotEnough campaign, because it really isn't! I love working as an engineer, I've had a rewarding career and am keen that young girls know they can do it to, despite the stereotypes that surround the industry. Join us!"

    - Roma Agrawal, past IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year


    We have an engineering skills shortage, while at the same time only 9% of UK engineers are female. If we can dispel some misconceptions, myths and perceptions that currently might prevent women from entering an engineering field, and instead showcase engineering for the fun and dynamic career it truely is, there is a fantastic opportunity to improve diversity while also helping to solve the skills shortage in Engineering.

    - Orla Murphy, current IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year